The Bonita woman is neither young nor old, 
it’s her vibrant nature that defines her.
She’s as warm as a bask in the sunshine; 
As joyful as the rays of a rainbow; 
And is unmistakable in her razzling and dazzling across the globe.



Bonita Collective is an Australian based fashion label that celebrates colour, sparkle and joy. Our design process begins with a paintbrush and aims for a versatile look that translates seamlessly from resort wear to cocktail party / long lunch sensation. In 2020 we launched both Bonita Man & Bonita Home in addition to our well-loved Women’s and Children’s ranges.

Bonita Collective's garments feature hand painted prints, are made from the finest A-Grade fabrics and are embellished with individually hand-sewn sequins by some of India’s most highly skilled artisans. Never mass produced and an advocate of slow fashion, every Bonita Collective item is an ethically made product of the highest quality and should be considered a keepsake piece of wearable art.


Already an acclaimed artist, Kristian launched the Bonita brand in the Spring of 2015 as a way of further fuelling his creative energy. What began as a tight capsule range of kaftans quickly found itself a cult following, such was the flair of Kristian’s hand painted and beautifully embellished designs. Creativity runs deep through Kristian’s family bloodline and you will often find him at the kitchen table, assisted by his mother and sister, madly painting prints for the next Bonita range and beyond. Aside from his duties as Creative Director of the business, Kristian puts his Visual Arts degree and Masters of Creative Advertising to use by personally curating Bonita’s social media and PR channels and working alongside Stephanie in overseeing all aspects of the business. When he’s not creating another Bonita collection, he takes an avid interest in art, design, travel, film and nature – and spending quality time with friends and family.


Stephanie joined the label at the beginning of 2018, brimming with ideas, creative enthusiasm and a slightly more left-brain orientation. Stephanie and Kristian met when her boutique, Happiness Place, became one of Bonita’s very first stockists; and in one of life’s beautiful unexpected twists, she eventually jumped the retail ship and joined Kristian in driving the Bonita opportunity forward. Prior to this, Stephanie spent many years in London working in marketing and creative agencies, shocking the Brits with her ability to wear blazing colour on even the darkest of winter days. A life-long champion of rainbow fashion, a ‘more is more’ philosophy and laughing inappropriately, she works closely with Kristian in planning each range, as well as overseeing the operational and financial arms of the business. When she is not neck-deep in sequins and spreadsheets, she is yumming up her four children (Rocky, Birdie, Willoughby & Reg) with her husband Jules, or fantasising about wildly unrealistic overseas adventures.