To our beautiful Bonita community!

First off - we hope that you are all safe and healthy at this time. It’s ironic we’re having to keep apart in order to stick together, but we are strong believers that soon the clouds will part and a big glistening rainbow will emerge. This experience must surely shape us all for the better.

Boy, did we have big things planned for 2020! Late last year, we were asked to debut at Miami Swim Week in July (something of our wildest dreams!!) and were poised for a busy year of growth and expansion. So with our plans and dreams firmly mapped out, and the Miami runway diet in progress, we were as flabbergasted as anyone when Corona came bursting through the doors and aggressively changed everything - almost overnight, at that. Immediately stock orders were being cancelled, a ban on international travel meant Miami was off the cards and our buzzing momentum felt like it ground to a screeching halt; and we understood why. The future was suddenly very uncertain, people were scared for their health and financial security – and truthfully, we were too!

But as many of you have probably experienced, this chaos has triggered an unprecedented opportunity for reflection and thought. It has gifted us the precious time we needed to reset and ensure that Bonita was a brand that continued to evoke joy, craftsmanship and beauty – as well as bring the razzle & dazzle to everyday life. And so come a few (big and small) changes!

Quality over Quantity

 While we design everything in Australia, the magic is brought to life by our hand painted prints & manufacturers in India. The skill and artistry of these workers is what makes every Bonita piece so special; not only is it a handmade but it is honest work and supports entire villages. We are very proud of this. We have always been a ‘slow’ fashion brand and we have a renewed sense of commitment to this concept. Going forward, Bonita Collective will only produce capsule sized ranges with capped numbers; meaning each piece is truly a limited edition.

Back Ourselves

We have made the difficult decision to cease the wholesale operation of our business (meaning we will no longer have Stockists - for now). We are wonderfully lucky to have a loyal and growing customer base (i.e. you!) where we are now choosing to direct our full efforts. We are working hard to make our online store an impeccable buying experience and can’t wait to supplement this with regular pop-up stores all across the country (and afar!) to see your gorgeous colour-loving faces!

Improved Pricing

By removing our wholesale layer, we are able to provide more agile pricing for our beautiful Bonita pieces. This excites us, because we know it was not always an accessible price point for people. However, we must stress again that we will never devalue our garments; they are expensive to make given their predominantly handmade nature. We want to ensure fair payment is made to everyone along the way and that we are selling something at a price that reflects this.


• Bonita HOME launches on the 23rd of August!

• Bonita WOMAN will launch its Italian inspired Spring Summer 2020 Collection across Sept, Oct and Nov!

• Bonita MAN will launch in October!

• Bonita BAMBINO  Spring Summer 2020 will launch in November!

• The Bonita CHRISTMAS POP UP will be at The Calile Hotel, 1-15th December!

• Our appearance at Miami Swim Week has been confirmed for 2021!

We are excited and energized to move ahead and want to thank you all for your wonderful support and love. We know it’s tough out there on everyone and can’t wait to come out the other side and celebrate with lots of hugs, sparkles and sunshine.

Take care and do you best to spread love, not Corona xx