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Bonita Collective brings joy to the wearer.

With flamboyant prints, unapologetic use of colour, luxurious fabrication, feminine shapes and the twinkling of embellishment, the splendour of Bonita Collective is distinct and recognisable.

It is an Australian born brand with a “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ mentality – all sunshine and glamour, but uniquely down to earth.

We are a trans-seasonal resort brand that looks at every detail through the eyes of our customer. Our ways of working ensure each piece is ethically and sustainably made, interweaved with craftsmanship, thought and creative love. 

It is our aspiration that Bonita Collective pieces are considered  keepsakes, bringing light and smiles wherever they go.

Bonita Collective is the creative partnership of Kristian Williams and Stephanie Rooke.

Joining forces in 2018 (after Kristian launched a few years earlier) they have successfully grown the business into a lifestyle label encompassing fashion and the home. Kristian’s background in art and Stephanie’s in business rounds out their partnership, however with a shared love of more is more and all colours of the rainbow, they are a close working team who collaborate across all dimensions of the brand.

Kristian is based in Brisbane, a perfectionist and inspired by art, nature and architecture. And the odd royal documentary.

Stephanie is based just out of London, a little unhinged with four young children and inspired by showgirls, country music and history.

Together they are a dynamic duo, who delight in finding the ridiculous, celebrating individualism and creating joy.

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Bonita Collective is intrinsically linked to joy; the joy in wearing it, the joy it brings to a room and the joy associated with wearing it to happy and special events.


A celebration of colour always - be it from it’s boldest and brightest, down to its simplest and purest. The strong belief that colour evokes a happy mind and a happy heart.


The splendour of Bonita Collective is distinct through the twinkling of embellishment, unapologetic use of colour, luxurious fabrication, flamboyant print and beautifully feminine detail.